Shree Anand produces an array of milk in different variations based on their fat content and formulations. The products are absolutely pure with no adulteration, zero bacteria, no water and are easily available in convenient packaging and measures. Skimmed Milk, Standard Toned Milk, Double Toned Milk, Whole Milk, Cow Milk and Girpur Milk are the major variations of milk produced by Shree Anand.


Shree Anand, the brand means feeling of happiness and contentment.

VSP Dairy Industries was established in the year 2005 with the sole purpose of making available the pure stand finest ghee. Shree Anand, a subsidiary of VSP Dairy Industries, was started by a young couple with traditional values and entrepreneurial spirit in 2018, with an aim to deliver the purest and the most wholesome form of milk and milk products to the people. Shree Anand promises to make a positive impact on everyday life by producing

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Before the products from Shree Anand reach households and are consumed by customers, they undergo a series of stringent quality tests in the industry. Organoleptic quality test, Clot on boiling test and Alcohol test to check on acidity; to name a few.